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5 Steps to Crispy Oven Roasted Buffalo Potato Wedges

5 Step to Crispy Oven Roasted Buffalo Potato Wedges
Oven roasted potato wedges are so good...IF...they're golden brown and crispy on the outside!
That really is the goal of any roasted potato isn't it? I doubt any of us are overly happy when they come out of the oven soft and limp.
I've shared tips on this blog in the past about how to make crisp oven fries but not in as much detail as in this post. Since that original post, I've picked up a few cool tricks we can use to make our potatoes wedges in less time with less effort!
So before checking out the Crispy Buffalo Roast Potato Wedges recipe at the end of the post, here are 5 steps to ensure they come out of the oven looking golden brown, crispy and delicious!

Slice Potato Wedges Evenly
It makes sense that when we make potato wedges we should slice them so they're about the same size. That way they all cook evenly.

I use a chef's knife to cut my potatoes and I use the same slicing technique, I picked up at a cooking class, for slicing apples or onions into equal-sized pieces. Instead of using the entire blade, you draw the tip of the blade towards yourself, at an angle, through the potato. 

It takes some practice but is a very efficient way to slice wedges that are relatively equal in size. This short video I posted on YouTube gives you the visuals.

Rinse before Roasting
Rinsing the potatoes under cold water washes away surface sugars and helps the fries (or wedges in this case) crisp. I learned this from reading Fine Cooking Magazine and it's definitely a game changer. It helps crisp the wedges perfectly! 

5 Steps to Crispy Oven Roasted Buffalo Potato Wedges

The article I was reading also suggested parboiling the potatoes in order to cook them all the way through. I parboil them when making roasted potatoes but don't find it necessary for wedges or fries. These potato wedges cooked all the way though just fine in the oven.

Spin Cycle vs. Paper Towels
Alright at this point we have a bunch of very wet potato wedges and the next step is to coat them in oil. Hmmm...that whole water and oil thing obviously isn't going to work in our favor.

In the past I used paper towels to dry them but that's literally a pain in know what. This time I ditched the paper towels and used the salad spinner instead. It did an awesome job whisking away the excess water! Plus it's fun!

5 Steps to Crispy Oven Roasted Buffalo Potato Wedges

Leave Space Between Wedges
Food releases moisture as it cooks so it's important to give each potato wedge some space on the baking sheet. If they're too close together they end up taking a steam bath together (like the 3 in the middle of this picture) and they won't crisp. For this recipe, there are a lot of wedges so I used a second baking sheet.

5 Step to Crispy Oven Roasted Buffalo Potato Wedges

I cooked these potato wedges at 425 F oven for 12 minutes and then flipped them to cook for another 8 minutes on the other side. No oven seems to work the same, so keep an eye on them and record how long it takes in your oven so you know for the next time you make them.

Salt them While They're Hot!
The instant the potato wedges come out of the oven, sprinkle them with salt and gently toss!

You're done! Your crispy potato wedges are ready for eating straight-up or dipping in your favorite sauce!

Crispy Oven Roasted Buffalo Potato Wedges

Crispy oven roasted potato wedges tossed in Buffalo wing sauce.

5 Steps to Crispy Oven Roasted Potato Wedges

Time to prepare: 10 minutes 
Time to cook:  20 minutes 

8 potatoes, unpeeled and sliced into equal sized wedges
2 big pinches salt
1 tbsp canola oil or vegetable oil
2 tbsp Buffalo wing sauce, divided

In a colander, rinse potato wedges under cold water to remove excess starch. Dry the wedges using paper towels or a salad spinner.

Place dried potatoes in a large bowl and add salt, oil and 1 tbsp Buffalo sauce. Toss to coat.

Line 2 large baking sheets with foil and spray with cooking spray. Arrange the potato wedges on each baking sheet leaving at least 1/2-inch between each potato wedge.

Cook in a 425 F oven, turning the fries over and rotating the baking sheets once after 12 minutes. Cook for 8 minutes more or until wedges are golden brown and crisp. Remove from oven and lightly season with salt. Toss wedges with remaining Buffalo sauce (optional).

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  1. I adore fries, but can't afford the calories when it comes to the deep fried version. These look fantastic!

  2. Yeah it's too bad the deep fried version couldn't come with less calories...thanks motherrimmy!