Friday, August 24, 2012

Ten MORE Easy Recipes for College Students

In January I put together a post titled Top 10 Easy Recipes for College Students. Since that time it’s become the fifth most popular post on this blog!

It's great to see that kind of clicking action because it shows some students are taking an interest in what they're eating at college.

Since the fall semester is about to begin, and you may be one of those students who has to cook, I've put together 10 MORE easy brain-amping, body-friendly recipes (I've shared on this blog) that are perfect for cooking at college.

1. Five Ingredient Sloppy Joe Sandwich (10 minutes to make)

If chopping lettuce and shredding cheese for tacos isn't your thing, go with this 5 Ingredient Sloppy Joe (6 if you include the bun). Get the recipe!

Sunny-Side Up Peach Waffles (5 minutes to make)

Get a serving of three food groups in 5 minutes (low-fat dairy, fruit and grains). This is the kind of breakfast that makes a mom proud! You'll find a few more waffle topping ideas in this post as well. Get the recipes!

Tuna Mac and Cheese (20 minutes to make)

Where there's a can of tuna, there's a quick meal waiting to happen. I make this ooey gooey good meal at least once a month because it’s super simple to whip together and incredibly tasty! Get the recipe!

Pineapple and Red Pepper Ramen Noodle Salad (20 minutes to make)

Yes you can turn Ramen Noodles into this! Get the recipe!

Toasted Tomato and Cucumber Sandwich (10 minutes to make)

I like to veg out with this sandwich (I know...not funny). This post also shares how you can make instant garlic bread in seconds. Get the recipe!

Heart Healthy Buffalo Chicken Wraps (10 minutes to make)

Keep this recipe in you back pocket for when you want to use up leftover chicken. Get the recipe!

Vegetable Chowder with Fries (20 minutes to make)

This is like drowning your fries in delicious thick gravy! But instead of fattening gravy it’s healthy soup! Get the recipe!

Bacon Pierogi Omelette (10 minutes to make)

Not exactly body-friendly. I doubt it's even brain-amping. But it has bacon and it’s damn good! Get the recipe!

Six Ingredient Skillet Beef Chili (10 minutes to make)

Ten minute chili would be considered blasphemy in most chili lover circles. However this six ingredient wonder proves you can do it...and do it well! Get the recipe!

3 Cheese Lasagna Rolls (15 to 20 minutes to make)

The beauty of these lasagna rolls is you can make a bunch of them in 20 minutes! Stack the extras in your freezer for when you need a quick bite during finals. Get the recipe!

Help yourself to a Cup of 10 More Easy Recipes for College Students

To get your copy, visit my dedicated college cooking site called College Recipe Cafe.
To learn more about the recipes you'll find inside this cup, click on the cup or the link below.

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