Sunday, March 18, 2012

Three For the Week (Beer Berry Muffins, Dubstep, College Resource)

FoodMusic and Life experiences for the week that I thought you might find of interest. Ready to jump in? Here we go!  

I should make muffins more often because I love having freshly baked muffins around to snack on in the morning. When I do make muffins (like the Blueberry Banana ones above) I like to try using different ingredients. That's probably why I got so excited when I saw this Beer Berry Muffin recipe by Chelsea over at A Duck's Oven. 

The pictures look awesome and the only thing holding me back from making them is I don't have the Blueberry Stout Beer. I'm on the hunt for it (or for something similar) because I definitely want to give this great sounding (and looking) recipe a try! 

I never would have thought I would be recommending dubstep music...but atlas I am.

It's my new "concentration" music.

I play it through my headphones and go into this trance and my focus shifts into high gear. Time sucking distractions don't stand a chance.

I've been listening to a group called Deadmau5. I stumbled upon this band through a site called It's a site that plays a summer rain storm over and over again with birds chirping at the whole bit (very relaxing...especially when cooking).

Each day they have songs you can listen to while it rains and one day the song "Strobe" by Deadmau5 happened to be the song of the day.  Been in a focused trance ever since!
By the way, I heard about via Thomas Frank who wrote about it on his College Info Geek blog.
One thing I wish was available when I attended college was all the amazing online resources that are available to students today! 

One such resource is a site called Community College Success. Isa Adney's blog posts have great information for college students, their inspirational and fun!

She just launched her new book called Community College Success and I haven't got my hands on a copy yet but if the information she shares in the book is anything like what she posts on her blog it will no doubt be an asset to you if you're at or will be attending college in the fall!

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Those blueberry banana muffins look fabulous! So glad you enjoyed my recipe- cooking with beer is the best!

  2. I with ya Chelsea, I love cooking with beer. Although it's mostly because there's usually some left in the bottle for me to consume and enjoy while I cook!