Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet Orange Ginger Tea

It’s funny how recipes come together sometimes.
The other afternoon I had a BIG CRAVING for a cup of java. As I was reaching for the “instant” I thought about how my focus gets blown when I drink coffee.
I have enough trouble focusing as it is so I nixed the coffee idea but I still craved a warm drink.
I already had 2 cups of tea (yes I drink tea) earlier in the day so I started playing with the idea of making tea without the tea bag.
I grabbed a mug (seemed like a good place to begin) then I spooned, grated and squeezed
Hmmm...those 3 words could easily be taken out of context. To be more specific I:

 Spooned in 1 tbsp of sugar (I have a crazy sweet tooth)
• Grated in 1 tsp of fresh ginger
• Squeezed in orange juice from 2 orange slices
I filled the mug with hot water, gave it a stir and VOILA...Sweet Orange Ginger Tea.
It’s warm, very sweet, savory and straight up good!!!
Thanks for checking out this recipe!
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  1. Love this very nice and relaxing therapeutic drink.

  2. Thanks for your comment Zoe! Ginger seems to have that wonderful calming effect when added to a drink.