Friday, December 16, 2011

Make Your Own Greek Yogurt (on the cheap)

Earlier this week I shared a Citrus Fruit Salad recipe and topped it with Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt, which is actually drained yogurt, has a rich creamy texture similar to full fat sour cream. Its slightly bitter flavor works really well as a healthy topping on sweet fresh fruit, waffles, or fruit filled crepes (mmm...crepes!).

The drawback is Greek yogurt can be expensive and your local grocery store may not even stock it. No worries…as promised here’s a step by step on how you can make your own Greek yogurt on the cheap.

Step 1: Purchase a quart of 1% plain yogurt. This quart cost me $1.99. The same size Greek Yogurt was $4.39

Step 2: Line a colander with cheesecloth. I don’t have cheesecloth so I use a cotton tea towel that’s loosely woven and made of a fairly thin material. If the tea towel is too thick it'll soak up the water instead of letting it drain still works. Make sure the tea towel is 100% cotton as some synthetic materials are not food safe. Pour the yogurt into the cloth.

Step 3: Place the colander in a large bowl and let the yogurt drain overnight in the refrigerator.

Your smooth and creamy Greek yogurt will be waiting for you in the morning! Sweeten it with a little sugar or enjoy it as is and use as a topping.

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