Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Student House Dweller’s Cooking & Kitchen Etiquette Guide

Living in a student house with friends is awesome. It's even better when everyone gets along, no one is sick and the place is relatively clean. With some decent cooking and kitchen etiquette such bliss is achievable! Think of this guide as a starting point to keeping you on good terms with your housemates, saving yourself (and others) from getting food borne illnesses and ensuring your student house kitchen is a disaster free zone.

Cook With Others in Mind for that “Loving Feeling”
DO: Wipe down or air out the microwave after cooking fish in it. DON”T: Leave that funky fish smell for the next person.

DO: Share meals you make with your housemates. DON’T: Be bummed if someone remarks it isn't the best food they’ve ever tasted.

DO: Do your dishes DON'T: Vow to clean them up later.

Think Food Safety and End Worshipping the Porcelain Bowl
DO: Brew your own beer. DON’T: Drink or offer it to others if it begins to taste fruity.

DO: Read the best before date on food items. DON’T: Let hunger make you question the validity of the best  before date.

DO: Order pizza. DON’T: Eat it if it’s been sitting out for 2 days.

Prevent a Kitchen Biohazard
DO: Unclog a clogged kitchen sink filled with water. DON’T: Make it a challenge to see how long you can use it without the water spilling over.

DO: Call the landlord (or repair person) if the fridge breaks down. DON’T: Leave all the food inside and put a warning sign on the fridge door that says “Caution…Do Not Open”.

DO: Throw out food that begins to spoil. DON’T: Keep it as a science experiment.

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Posted by Brent "The Kitchen Roadie" Garell who still can't believe he didn't pick up a serious illness living with his buddies on 12 Paisley.

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