Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Become Your Own Celebrity Chef

Have you been meaning to get into shape but don’t know where to begin? Top athletes know that fitness begins with proper nutrition so they hire a personal chef. This obviously isn’t an option for many of us but there is something you can do. Become your own celebrity chef. That’s right! You can become a star in your own kitchen. You'll be turning drab dishes into healthy meals that dazzle and whip your body into shape on the inside (the part that matters the most). Here is how to do it.

- Like everything in life you'll probably want to do this quickly so forget about culinary school. Sign-up for a cooking class that covers the types of dishes you could see yourself making at home. While you are there key in on the cooking skills that can save you time and have some fun meeting new people.

- You’re going to need some healthy recipes so purchase a few cookbooks that cover a variety of healthy focused meals. I suggest you stay clear of the books written by chefs. Their dishes are fantastic but the recipes typically include ingredients that your grocery store doesn’t carry. Searching for ingredients can often be frustrating and lead to a bad case of "the cooking blues".

- Now that you’ve found your groove in the kitchen you may want to begin to put your own spin on recipes. Write down the ingredients you use (and the amount) and keep your new creations together in a recipe binder. Title the binder “Buff on the Inside Diet" and put your name on it as the author. Voila, you’ve just written your first celebrity chef cookbook!

- Reward yourself by investing in some nice cookware…you deserve it chef!

- Your confidence in the kitchen has skyrocketed and you’re loving the food you’re creating and eating. You're slimmer, trimmer and feeling buff...on the inside. Congratulations, you’ve become your own celebrity chef! As a chef you would only want to serve your customer (you) what's best…wouldn’t you?

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Brent Garell
The Kitchen Roadie

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