Friday, July 17, 2009

Kitchen Roadie Tips from Twitter

Eleven of my most recent Kitchen Roadie cooking tips that I regularly post on Twitter to make your cooking experience 11 times easier.

#1 - If having fun isn't part of your cooking routine then preparing meals can begin to feel like a chore.

#2 – Go Green and buy your food in bulk. You’ll save a few bucks and have more dollars for your favorite summer concerts.

#3 - Think double compilation album when cooking to remind yourself to double the recipe so you can freeze the leftovers.

#4 - Invest in heavy bottom skillets. They distribute heat evenly so your food doesn’t do the burn-baby-burn cooking inferno.

#5 - Plan which summer concerts you’ll attend, plan your trips & plan your meals so you only have to grocery shop once a week.

#6 - Fill a plastic tote with your grilling gear so you can easily transfer it when you're ready to do your next barbecue gig.

#7 - To pit an olive, roll a rolling pin over the olives to make the pits pop out like a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction.

#8 - Toss your old 8-track tapes but don't discard the leaves on a celery stalk. Add them to soup stocks for extra flavor!

# 9 - Liven up your kitchen with the energizing sounds of James Brown. Liven up you fruit salad by adding chopped mint.

#10 - If your salads lacks excitement like a Depeche Mode concert add in dried apricots, dried cranberries or raisins.

#11 - Don't treat your bbq like your stereo by always cranking the heat dial to maximum. Turn it down for fish & lean meats.

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Brent Garell
The Kitchen Roadie

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