Monday, June 15, 2009

Spice Girl's Spices

Today in 1998 The Spice Girls embarked on their first North American tour. The names of the five group members got me thinking of my five favorite spices. I’ve outlined them here as sexy, baby, posh, scary and sporty spice.

Sexy Spice (Cinnamon) - This is my all time favorite spice. Its smell alone makes me want to follow its enticing scent. When I walk past a bakery that makes cinnamon buns I’m amazed at how much effort it requires not to go buy one. Now that’s a powerful spice! This sexy spice rarely disappoints because it makes everything taste so goooood!

Baby Spice (Nutmeg)– I love the smell of nutmeg in the morning! I consider it the “baby spice” because only a small amount is required to transform dishes such as baked goods from good to great!

Posh Spice (Allspice) – Add it to baked goods, meat dishes and even drinks and you'll end up with an exotic culinary creation. Very posh indeed!

Scary Spice (Curry Powder) – Many people shy away from curry because of its strong fragrance. This is where curry powder can be your best friend. Its mild flavor makes curry dishes very approachable to curry newbies. When I serve non-curry eaters my Apple-Curry Chicken (made using curry powder) they are hesitant at first. However once they try it, they realize how mild it is and end up coming back for seconds. It’s the scary spice that isn’t very scary at all.

Sporty Spice (Chili Powder) – In North America eating hot food is almost like a sport (at least for guys). If you can handle the super spicy chili or the suicide wings you’re a champion. I love using chili powder to add wonderful flavor and extra heat to my dishes so I’m giving it the sporty spice tag.

What's your favorite Spice Girl spice?

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