Friday, May 8, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Cooking Responses on Facebook

Here are a few of my favorite responses to a question I posted on a Facebook cooking group about what music people enjoy listening to while they cook.

"Depends on what I'm making. John Mayer with chicken cutlets, Luciano Pavarotti with a nice stew, Norah Jones with a shrimp stir fry, or my husband playing the piano in the living room for pretty much any dish."

"I usually play 60's music and dance around the kitchen, but sometimes it just has to be heavy rock at a volume where the windows are just about to shatter :)"

"music- it almost allows me to turn cooking into a performing art. I listen to neo and classic soul, alternative rock, jazz, ole skool hip hop depending on the mood and whether I'm working with knives or the machinery.."

"I like to open a bottle of wine and put on cuisine related music... I know I'm a dork but what the hell we only live once."

"I have to say that since I am a single parent, After my daughter goes to bed the house is SO quiet. I love to cook with music. It not only creates background noise, but sets the tone for the rest of my evening. Some nights Cooking with a glass of wine and Eric Clapton is perfect, others require a Martini and Dean Martin."

What's do you enjoy listening to while you cook?

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Brent Garell
The Kitchen Roadie

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