Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Canadian Music Week Cookbook Giveaway - Day 3

It's the third day of The Cook-a-Palooza Experience cookbook giveaway and for those of you who are playing, I would say your chances of getting a book are looking pretty good right now. But you never know things could pick up later in the week so keep sending me your answers.

As for the correct song name and musical artist in yesterday’s Question From the Kitchen it was:

Straight From the Heart by Bryan Adams

Thanks again to everyone who sent in their answers!

Let's move on to today’s Question From the Kitchen. Freddy Cantfindit wanted to make my Orzo salad recipe and wrote;

I don't know where to look for orzo in the grocery store and I figure you oughta know. Can you help?

If you find this one a little tougher than the first two questions then take a close look at the picture for a clue.

Please remember to send your response e-mails to Please put in the subject line Cook-a-Palooza Cookbook Contest. Also include your contact information so I know where to send the book if you end up being one of the lucky winners. Also keep in mind your answer to this question must be in to me by midnight (Eastern Time) tonight.

As for answering Freddy's Question, you'll find orzo in the pasta ailse. It is the pasta that looks like flat rice and it works great in soups and cold salads.

Good luck to everyone in finding the song by a Canadian musician referenced in today's question!

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Brent Garell
The Kitchen Roadie

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