Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rational Advice...Who Needs It?

We all get (and give) lots of good advice on how to lose weight and stay healthy. You would think by now we would all being doing what was right for out bodies. However there is one giant obstacle …the advice we get is often too rational and rational is boring. Irrational thinking is way more exciting! Think back to when you were a teenager. If you were anything like myself, breaking the rules was much more thrilling than following your parents rational advice.

The people at Nutrition Action Healthletter must recognize this fact because they recently published an article about how to get a gut. It was their “eight tongue-in-cheek tips that bulk up your belly”. Here are their eight tips:

Don’t bother getting up
Keep eating as much as you ate in your 20s
Bump up your calories per bite
Drink your calories
Eat out more often
Look for trans fats
Surround yourself with food
Get less sleep

Based on what you just read, how would prefer your health advice?

One part rational, two parts irrational works for me.

* * * *
Brent Garell

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