Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Three Key Ingredients For Cooking and a Perfect Vacation

This past weekend I went on a short ski vacation with family and friends. There were 11 adults and 9 kids (the little rascals were all under the age of 10). As you can imagine it was often hectic but we still had a great time. I write a lot about the relationship between food, mood and music when it comes to creating an incredible cooking experience. However I noticed these three elements are also made this recent vacation stellar!

Food - Instead of trying to organize excursions to restaurants for dinner we decided it would be easier to make all the food beforehand. Everyone came with a homemade dish and I can honestly say everything was awesome! We had chili, baked chicken, noodle soup, garden salad, Caesar salad, Greek salad, bread sticks, homemade pizza and some killer desserts. I don’t think any restaurant could have matched our feasts in terms of flavor or price. The extra bonus was everyone received much deserved cooking kudos for their culinary creations and we learned a few good recipe secrets from each other!

Mood - In the morning we would all go in different directions but the food and drinks always brought us back together at the end of the day. The atmosphere was incredible as we shared our daily adventures while dining on an incredible meal. With such a friendly atmosphere it was virtually impossible to not be in a good mood!

Music – In the ski village you were always surrounded by upbeat music. It put a smile on my face despite the blistery weather conditions. Reggae jams boomed out from one restaurant and some killer 80s’ tunes were being played on one of the loud speakers closer to the slopes. A few of us had some fun reminiscing about what we were doing when these songs were popular on the radio. I couldn't think of a vacation where music hasn't played an integral part to making it better!

If incredible homemade food, an inviting atmosphere and some sweet sounding music make for the perfect vacation maybe these same elements can help you create a mini vacation every time you step into the kitchen! I know they do for me!

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Brent Garell
The Kitchen Roadie

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