Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Chef Moves to the Music in a N.Y Restaurant Kitchen

A few years ago Gourmet Magazine put out an entire issue dedicated to music. They called it The Music Issue "When Music Meets Food"

One of the articles in the issue was about the types of music played in N.Y restaurant kitchens. The famous chef Anthony Bourdain shared that when prep cooks were in his kitchen and getting things ready for dinner service, they would play music that wasn't too nerve-racking: Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, Depeche Mode or Neil Young. Bourdain describes these songs as "sentimental, atmospheric tunes to make us feel good about ourselves."

Bourbain admits that most chefs don't allow music to be played during the dinner service. However when the dinner rush was over and the cooks needed energy to break down their cooking stations Bourdain would put on energizing music to help them through the last hours of cleaning.

Bourdain's only music rule: "NO Billy Joel, NO Grateful Dead. If you are observed enjoying either act during working hours, you can clean out your locker. You're fired."

Now that's a chef who is serious about his music!

What music do you prefer to listen to in your kitchen?
Do you have any fun music rules?

I'd love to hear what's playing in your kitchen!

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Brent Garell
The Kitchen Roadie

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