Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cooking Up The Radio Dial

When I cook, the first thing I usually do is connect my ipod to my clock radio that’s tucked away in the corner of my kitchen. I determine the type of music that best fits my current mood, then turn up the volume and let the rhythms take over as I chop and stir my way towards a healthy homemade meal.

Every so often I need to give the ipod a break. That’s when I hit the FM dial on my radio. Despite annoying radio ads, cooking while listening to the radio isn’t all that bad. However I have this habit of always listening to the same stations and I’m getting tired of hearing the same songs over and over again. Some say satellite radio is the answer to my dilemma, but my hunch is that I haven’t been utilizing the FM dial to its full extent…I’m sure it has lots more to offer.

So here is what I’m going to do. Every Wednesday I’ll cook up a dish listening to a different FM radio station. I’ll start at the bottom of the dial and work my way towards the top. Toronto is a pretty diverse city so I’m expecting my kitchen will be filled with a variety of music as I travel up the dial. I’ll share my experience and rate each one on a 5-songnote scale. I will by-pass all the talk radio stations and I’ll only review my cooking experiences based on the FM stations my good ole clock radio can pick up. The final rule is that I refuse to cook while listening to a “new country” station (just kidding, I’ll somehow endure the pain it brings to my ears).

I’m not an avid radio traveler and haven’t trained for this so wish me luck. Cook-on!

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