Delicious Chicken Parmesan in 30 Minutes! | Click to View on YouTube

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  • Three prep ahead step to save you time 👉 0:00:40
  • How to pan-fry the chicken breast 👉 0:01:15
  • A simple way to add extra flavor to the sauce! 👉 0:01:50

With this recipe it is possible to enjoy Chicken Parmesan mid-week and still fit in your evening plans!

How to use a Sweet Potato to Make Addictive Nachos! | Click to View on YouTube
Sweet Potato Nachos: Click to Watch How They Are Made on YouTube

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  • How to prepare the sweet potato 👉 0:00:47
  • Topping ideas 👉 0:01:29
  • How these nachos look, straight out of the oven! 👉 0:02:13

Healthier, gluten-free, and taste just as addictive!

10 Tips to Make Your Soup Taste EXTRA Good! | Click to View on YouTube

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  • 3 ways to prep ingredients w efficient grace 👉 0:00:35
  • 3 substitutes for more savory flavor 👉 0:01:17
  • 3 chef soup-making tips worth following 👉 0:02:00
  • 1 reason why to use a sharpie on your favorite soup recipe 👉 0:02:50

When I follow these ten soup tips, I get better results, and know you will too!

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