Sunday, March 11, 2012

Three For the Week (Comically Cooking, The Black Keys Predecessor, Career Sampling)

If you're a regular reader of this blog you know that for a short while my Sunday blog posts included meals I made during the week. I soon realized I was eventually going to hit repeat meal's and figured that was going to get old really fast for both you and me. 

Instead of sharing everything I make during the week on Sunday's, I thought it would be more helpful to share Food, Music and Life experiences that you might find of interest. Cool with you? 

Alright, here we go!  

I follow a number of food blogs and one I recently stumbled upon that blew me away is called Comically Cooking

I’ve always been a big fan of comics so when I saw how Tyler Capps had turned his food blog into a comic style format I thought it was brilliant!

The recipes look quick and easy, his drawings are great and the content is cleverly written. Worth checking out!   

I haven’t written much about music lately even though it remains a very big part of my daily cooking experience. I often get tired of my cooking playlists so I love when I find articles that share what Chef’s listen to in their kitchens

This one is Chicago Chef Paul Kahan's 7 favorite albums to listen to while butchering (sort of sounds sadistic but the music suggestions are not). 

One of his picks that caught my interest was a tune by Junior Kimbrough. Ever heard of him? I know I hadn't but here's what I found interesting. I'm a big fan of The Black Keys' music so I when I saw they got their sound from this dude who sang with no teeth and apparently wasn't big of flattering album covers (see below) I had to give it a listen.

He may not be the greatest singer (I imagine he would have been much better if he had teeth) but if you listen to his instrumentals (like in this song) it becomes very clear Junior was a blues rock master and The Black Keys' predecessor. I could cook to this stuff all day!

Last week I attended an event called Men as Career Coaches organized by the Halton Industry Education Council. This is a local event where men from different occupational pathways share their career experiences and lessons with young men so they can become better informed about the many options available to them in the world of work.

I attend as a career coach to share my career experiences in both corporate world and as an entrepreneur.

What I found interesting was hearing the other career coaches and guest speakers sharing their stories about how they found their careers of choice. Many did it by experiencing many different careers. One coach I met started as a teacher then became a chiropractor and finally decided working for the border patrol at the airport was what he loved.

It seems choosing a career is much like sampling different types of'll never know if you like it until you give it a try.

Thanks for Reading!

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