Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meal Plan #1 - Week in Review

Last Sunday, on the Cookapalooza facebook page, I posted a picture of my weekly meal plan which I write on my kitchen blackboard.

I started doing this because for 2012 I’ve hopped on the “eat healthier” bandwagon. It's to help with my training for a local triathlon later this year. It’s also part of my 3 Big Cooking Moves for 2012 which I’ll be sharing in this upcoming week’s Cook-a-Palooza Newsletter.

Committing myself to posting my meal plan every week is a way to help me achieve my goals and also provide you with some meal planning inspiration and recipe ideas. I find there's nothing worse than starting the week not knowing what to make. It just adds extra stress, more trips to the grocery store and more money spent on takeout. Who needs that? 

Here’s how week #1 went.

Monday: Omelette Quesadillas 
These were a hit! It’s a simple omelette recipe, topped with salsa and cheese. The omelette is then folded in a whole wheat flour tortilla which you toast lightly in the skillet. It takes 10 minutes (start to finish) and you end up with one bad ass Quesadilla. I would share more...but I've said too much already. I'm adding this one to the e-cookbook!

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Beef Chili 
I cooked this on the weekend, to have at least one weeknight meal already prepared. The recipe was decent but cooking ground beef in a slow cooker (from its raw form) is not a great idea.
The meat turned into this gross mushy texture and it was missing the wonderful flavor you get from browning the meat in the skillet. Yeah…won’t be cooking my chili this way again.

Wednesday: Vegetable Pockets 
That's what was planned...somehow the kids and I ended up at Harvey’s Hamburgers. Whoops!

Thursday: Veggie Spaghettini

Spaghettini (a thinner version of spaghetti) is my new favorite pasta! For this dish you don’t cook the sauce. Instead you blend it together in a blender then add it to the warm pasta. I’m going to share this recipe in the newsletter as it's the type of recipe that fits in with those big cooking moves I referred to earlier.

Friday: Pork Peanut Stir-Fry Wraps 
These were excellent!!! I ended up using crunchy chow mein noodles instead of peanuts. I’ll post the recipe and share the detail this upcoming Tuesday.

Four out of five…not too shabby for my first week!
Time to move forward to WEEK #2!!!!
If you want see what I have planned, you’ll find a picture on my menu plan on the Cookapalooza Facebook page this Sunday!


  1. I'm really excited that you're posting your meal plans! I like to plan my meals ahead of time and it's nice to gain inspiration from others. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Allison and you're welcome! I have a feeling along the way I'm going to require some inspiration myself so I hope others will share their meal plan ideas as well.

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