Friday, September 30, 2011

3 College Homecoming Recipes to Become a Campus Cooking "Goddess" or "God"

Ah, Homecoming. A time for football, food and parties. It also happens to be a great time for you to expand your social network at college simply by cooking and sharing your food creations with others. Say what? Let me explain. 

From time to time, I do events at colleges and universities to arm students with basic cooking 101 skills. At these events I've noticed there will often be a girl or guy in the audience who the other students see as a cooking "goddess" or "god". It turns out that at some point during the semester these individuals have prepared food and shared it with a group of other students.

The interesting thing is their status isn't always awarded to them because the food they made tasted out of this world. The effort and gesture alone seem to be enough. There was one student I met who invited others on his floor to try his latest food creations each month. Yeah...he was a popular guy. Everyone in the room knew him.

Interested in growing your network of friends at college?

Here are a few simple recipe ideas (dug up from the Cook-a-Palooza blog's vault) you can prepare and share at a homecoming party. Feel free to use them as your launching pad to cooking "goddess" or "god" status. Yes more effort will be required than ordering a pizza but I don't recall anyone at my events raving about the person who ordered the pizza. 

Nacho Meatballs
Meatballs are always a hit! These combine crushed tortilla chips, salsa and taco seasoning with the beef.  They're extra good when you have a bowl of salsa beside them as a dipping sauce! 

Maybe you're more of a mixologist than a cook. Here's a drink idea you can try. It called a Michelada (pronounced mee-chay-lah-dah)
This simple beer concoction tastes like a cross between a Bud Lime and a Caesar. It's a Mexican specialty that adds a different dynamic to your typical pint of beer. You get more of a "worldly" status with this one.


Grilled Beef and Vegetable Skewers

If you pull off making these skewers, your "god" or "goddess" status will be effective immediately! 

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Posted by Brent "The Kitchen Roadie" Garell. Happy Homecoming!

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