Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Five common, cooking mistakes – and how to fix them

Mistake #1 – Not Reading a Recipe from Beginning to End Before You Start to Cook
This is like trying to put together IKEA furniture without reading the instructions…and we all know how that scenario plays out.
The Fix: Take one or two minutes to scan through the entire recipe before beginning so you’ll avoid unwanted surprises.

Mistake #2 – Pretending you’re too busy to cook
This is the number one excuse for not cooking. But your friend with that annoying cooking habit is just as busy as you are. The real barrier is lack of motivation.
The Fix: Let the tunes provide the motivational vibe or just think about how you’ll feel after making and eating a delicious homemade meal. Can you say mega confidence booster…especially when you get kudos from others.

Mistake # 3 – Always following a recipe as written
There’s nothing wrong with following a recipe as written the first few times but don’t let it become an instruction manual.
The Fix: Get crazy in the kitchen. Add a dash of this or a pinch of that. Just go with your cooking instincts and throw caution to the wind. You’ll eventually come up with some tasty combinations that you can call your own.

Mistake # 4 – Not learning knife skills
If it takes you 10 minutes to dice an onion you’re not going to want to cook very often.
The Fix: Take a basic cooking class or go online to learn basic knife skills. It’ll take a bit of practice but you’ll end up saving a whole lotta time prepping food.

Mistake # 5 – Always Making the Same Thing Over and Over Again
This is similar to hearing a song continuously being played on the radio. You eventually get tired of listening to it.
The Fix: Expand your cooking horizons. Every other week take a chance and try making something you’ve never heard of before. Going on a culinary adventure will help keep you inspired to cook especially when you discover something that stimulates your palette.

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