Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cook-a-Palooza's Twelve Days of Christmas Cooking Tips

You probably have them stashed in drawers, at the back of cupboards and in the basement. I’m talking about all the kitchen utensils you own but never use. Using these items can save you loads of time but if they are hidden or hard to get to you’ll never utilize them. With that in mind;

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Santa shared this cooking tip with me,

Make use of all time-saving kitchen utensils,

Limit take-out to once or twice a week,
Let household members help you,
Plan your meals on weekends,
Utilize your leftovers,
Only grocery shop once a week,
Don't cook to boy band Christmas tunes,
Invest in heavy bottom skillets,
Organize your kitchen
Dou-ble your ba-king sheets!

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