Friday, December 19, 2008

Cook-a-Palooza's Twelve Days of Christmas Cooking Tips

If you follow this blog you'll know I'm all about keeping a relaxed and inspired atmosphere while you cook. If you try to imitate the chefs on TV and make every meal look absolutely perfect you're putting way too much stress on yourself. Remember those chefs have lots of people behind the scenes helping them out. You don' give yourself a pat on the back. Stop worrying about the results and start enjoying the process. Remember (especially during the holiday season) your cooking for family and friends. Even if the meal doesn't turn out exactly as planned they'll probably still enjoy it, appreciate the effort and love you just the same. With that in mind.

On the fifth day of Christmas, Santa shared a cooking tip with me,

Keep Cooking Fun!

Don't cook to boy band Christmas tunes,
Invest in heavy bottom skillets,
Organize your kitchen
Dou-ble your ba-king sheets

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