Friday, October 3, 2008

Groovin' Thoughts - Blame It On The...

Remember Milli Vanilli? They were one of the biggest bands in the late ‘80s. Their songs “Girl You Know It’s True,” “Baby Don’t Forget My Number” and “Blame it on the Rain” were all huge commercial successes. They even won a Grammy award in 1990 for Best New Artist. Then it all came crashing down when it was revealed that the two singers were models lip-syncing to tracks recorded by anonymous studio vocalists. The public were outraged about being fooled by this marketing ploy. The band was stripped of their Grammy award, their songs were removed from the record companies catalog and they were ousted again years later when they tried to make a comeback.

It’s too bad we don’t expect as much from our food as we do from musicians. The stores are full of pre-packaged products that use fillers and synthetic dyes to make fake foods appear as if they are real. Since the stores are stocking these products we must be buying them. Is it that we don’t realize we’re being duped or are we just turning a blind eye...something Milli Vanilli wish we would have done for them.

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