Friday, October 10, 2008

Groovin’ Thoughts – Just Give Me a Taste

The music industry’s marketing formula is simple. Before an album comes out, the record label releases one or two songs from it to give the public a taste. That first taste either leaves us salivating for more or sends us looking for other musical options. The interesting thing is that through the entire music purchase process no one promises us anything. Take a look at your CDs and you’ll notice there are no claims on the front or back cover that state the music will benefit you or meet your expectations in any way.

On the other hand packaged food products are marketed in a completely different manner? Take a look at the packaging on a few of these products and read what they have to say. You may come across some questionable claims such as the one I recently saw on a chocolate bar wrapper. It claimed that eating chocolate helps your body produce endorphins (which are produced during strenuous exercise and create a sense of well-being). I was left wondering if what I was reading was actually the truth or was it that this food company figured that since I couldn’t be given a taste…I needed to be fed.

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