Friday, June 6, 2008

My Two Step Recipe to Beat the Heat

Summer is just around the corner so I would like to share my recipe that's guaranteed to beat the heat. I call this recipe Everything “Irie” Polar-Iced Grapes. Irie (pronounced eye-ree) is the Rasta word for excellent in case you were wondering.

Begin by infusing your surroundings with equal amounts of songs by Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. Let their reggae vibes slow you down to a calming pace that naturally relaxes your body and fills you with the sensation of cool ocean breezes. Add in some happy beats from Bedouin Soundclash for good measure. Now that you’re full of positive emotions and in a cool frame of mind, prepare some simple icy treats such as polar-iced grapes. To make, remove the grapes from the stem, wash and then dry with a paper towel. Place the grapes in a freezer bag and put in the freezer to freeze for a couple hours or overnight. Allow the grapes to thaw for 5 minutes at room temperature before devouring their sweet icy goodness to the jammin’ reggae beat! Cook-On Mon!

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