Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Make All Your Calories Count

The snacks you choose can be as important as what you eat for your three daily meals. Munch on too many high calorie snacks and you could end up tipping the scales like the musical artist Meat Loaf did during his Bat Out of Hell days. You don’t want that.
Think of between-meal snacks as mini-meals not treats. Before I go for a snack I try to think of at least one good health benefit it’ll provide. This little exercise makes me very conscious of what I’m eating…especially when I have the occasional indulging moment and eat pure junk food. Don’t only stick to regular healthy snacks such as fruits. Try a small bowl of vegetable soup, a dish of low-fat cottage cheese or some celery sticks with light cream cheese. It’s a simple healthy habit that’ll save you calories and have you feeling good about what you eat.

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