Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cook With Style - How To Crack An Egg

Have you ever had this experience? You crack an egg on the side of a bowl and end up with stray pieces of eggshell in the bowl. Then you go fishing around with a fork or spoon trying to remove that illusive little piece of…shell. If this sounds familiar, you’d probably agree that it’s about as annoying as a Kathy Lee Gifford / David Hasselhoff duet…if they ever decided to record one that is.

Here’s a little trick I learned while I was at a food festival watching Anna Olson, from the Food Network, do a cooking demonstration. She learned this egg cracking technique from a farmer who claimed it prevented the shells from breaking into small pieces and falling in your bowl. The farmer’s first piece of advice…don’t break the egg on the side of the bowl…those farmers are always so smart. Instead, hold one end of the egg with your thumb and the other end with your forefinger and give it a gentle tap on the top of the counter to dent it. Put your thumbs on opposite sides of the dent and gently pull it apart. I’ve tried it and it works like a charm. Crack-On!

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