Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to Pan Fry Fish Fillets

How to Pan Fry Fish Fillets
For some reason I fall into the trap of associating cooking fish with being overly complex. I believe my reality about cooking fish has been distorted by watching too many chefs prepare it on cooking shows.

Their fancy creations make cooking fish look complicated when in fact pan frying fish fillets is straight forward, fast and flavorful. Perfect for weeknight cooking!

Here are the steps I used to pan fry frozen sole fillets earlier this week.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spicy Beef Stove-Top Casserole: New Idea for the Weeknight Dinner Rotation

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Spicy Beef Stove-Top Casserole: Easy Stove-Top Dinner

With my kid’s summer activities in full stride, I’ve been scrambling to get dinners on the table before rushing out the door during the week. When in scramble mode I cook what I know I can pull off quickly, which is fine. The problem is I end up preparing the same dinners over and over again which gets boring fast.

To combat the weeknight food fatigue I found myself flipping through my copy of Gordon Ramsay's Home Cooking Cookbook for ideas.

A recipe called Spicy Sausage Rice caught my eye and looked straight forward to make. But it wasn’t necessarily the best recipe for me to consider preparing.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Two-Cheese Spinach Pasta Toss

Two-Cheese Baby Spinach Pasta Toss

Is it spring or still winter?

Hard to tell with the cool temperatures and patches of snow lingering in my backyard. Maybe if I let my music playlist titled "Long Hot Summer" play on repeat long enough winter will take the hint and hit the road.

Until warmer temperatures arrive this Two-Cheese Spinach Pasta Toss fits right in with this cool in between season weather.